Strategy & Planning

Export strategy and planning is often seen as a complex or lengthy process. But it doesn’t have to be and in fact the best export strategies are often the most concise and simple. They should determine the global direction of organisations over the long term, be aligned with your overall business plan and highlight where efforts and energies should be focused to achieve maximum results.

Developing an export strategy involves setting clear goals, determining the actions required to achieve these goals and ensuring adequate resources are in place. It is a guiding document that requires regular reviewing and allows you to know that when things are tough you are still moving in the right direction.

In an ideal world export strategy formulation should be the starting point of your export activities. However, through our experience we are aware that many companies become ‘accidental exporters’ first and then require some reverse engineering to their export activities once they realise the potential that a proactive strategic approach to exporting could have on their business.

At Bolst Global no matter what stage you are at, we have the expertise and can support you by gaining clarity over your exports and help you create a tailored strategy and plan that will put your business in the best position for export success moving forward.

Our approach involves developing the following:

  • A formal export strategy

  • A tailored action plan

  • Market selection process

  • Value chain pricing

  • Development of your international value proposition

Export Strategy & Planning Recommendations

Our team will work closely with you to develop a formal export strategy and plan that is tailored to your overall business objectives. This will also involve developing an action plan that is fully implementable, based on your company capabilities and the specific products you are looking to export to overseas markets.

As part of this service we will also undertake a detailed market selection process and create an international road map unique to you, working on specific considerations you need to make when targeting overseas markets such as your value pricing chain and your international value proposition. This tailored plan can then be implemented in-house using your own company employees or taken to the next stage by our team of experts.

Brands and/or manufacturers who want to develop a personalised export strategy with us please fill out the contact form to discuss this further with us.

Limited Budget?

If you are a new exporter or have a limited budget we would recommend our series of tutorials with downloadable resources, developed to help you get started with trading overseas.

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