Market Outreach

Once you have validated a market opportunity for your products in the Middle East, it is time to start prospecting! Making contact with suitable overseas retailers, food service providers, HORECA customers, distributors and buying partners is fundamental to starting export sales. For many brands, accessing and especially engaging with key potential partners is challenging. It can take significant time and investment to find the relevant route to market in the first instance, followed by selecting the appropriate partner or person, understanding how best to make the approach and entering into a sales dialogue.

Key Areas of Market Outreach

By focusing on these areas of market outreach, your brand can effectively identify and engage with potential retailer or distribution partners in the Middle East. The key is conducting thorough market research, building strong relationships, and tailoring marketing strategies to match the preferences and requirements of the market

Market Outreach Services

Thanks to our extensive export work and relationships developed around the world we can offer brand owners and export professionals a fast track opportunity to get their company and products in front of the right fit prospects. Via our market outreach service we accelerate market entry for you, giving you access to the best fit partners and initiating the sales approach and dialogue on your behalf. This will save you significant time and cost.

Here at Bolst Global it is our mission to ensure the best fit retail or distribution partner for your business. The importance of selecting partners that complement each other is paramount in terms of product offerings, brand positioning, market presence, and distribution capabilities. Our team will work with you to ensure partnerships are mutually beneficial and aligned in terms of goals, values, and target market.


Finding the right distribution partners for the team at The Good Crisp company has been pivotal to their success in the Middle East.

Here is what CEO Mathew Parry had to say following the support provided by our team here at Bolst Global.

Our market outreach service is recommended for businesses who have validated the market opportunity, have finished goods and packaging inline with regulations, and have a clear understanding of their international value proposition and the target market. The service can also be used by experienced export professionals who require fast track access to a new overseas territories. If you would like to find out more about this service then please fill in the contact form below and one of our team will be in contact shortly to discuss this further.

  • Diagnostic analysis of product/pricing/partner mix

  • Match making with our global network of buyers, distributors and brand owners

  • Targeted approaches to potential export customers for your products in the chosen market(s), virtually or in person

  • Competitive analysis of your products in the target market

  • Feedback from potential customers on your product, packaging and pricing

  • Initial follow up carried out on your behalf

  • Recommendations and advice to support your further export sales efforts

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