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Welcome to Bolst Global international trade support services

Are you looking for innovative new products within the health and wellness sector?

Do you want to save time, resources and find the right fit supplier for your business?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Tap in to our portfolio of reputable suppliers of food, drink and supplement manufacturers in the UK.

We understand the complexities involved with trading overseas and have spent many years building solid relationships with retailers and distributors around the world. Our team have helped hundreds of brands successfully export goods overseas and as a result, retailers and distributors now use our support services as fast track access to reputable brands and suppliers who are ready to trade.

From manufacturing capacity, understanding registration and document requirements through to labelling and ingredient claims, we will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with approved suppliers who can deliver the products you need.

Retailers we already work with

Importing Products From The United Kingdom

Importing products from the UK is one of our specialities, our team work with brands and manufacturers to ensure they are the right fit for your business. Once validated, we present the best products to import for your target consumers. Managing contracts, negotiating the best rates and organising the full importation documents, certificates and necessary requirements for your specific region.

Experience and relationships are key and we have spent many years building strong partnerships and trust within our network. Importing goods from the UK to the Middle East, Europe and America to name a few. So if you are an international retailer or an international distributor looking to import the latest trending UK products, please do get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Distributors in the Middle East, Asia and Europe

Our head office is in the UK and we have growing team of Associates around the world who are multi lingual and have a keen interest in healthy living. All of our team are experienced in helping cross border trade with food, drink and supplement products that are creating a truly positive change in the world.

Please take a look around our website to find more information on the specific services we provide.

Brand / Product Sourcing

Private label/OEM search

What are the benefits of working with Bolst Global?

For those suppliers/brands that you want to work with but who aren’t as experienced selling overseas then you no longer need to worry. Through our support, we can also take care of any additional labelling, necessary export/registration documentation and, if required, transportation of the goods to your destinated sea or airport

This means no more countless hours looking for new products or frustratingly liaising with manufacturers who don’t understand your market specific needs or way of conducting business!

We will undertake the liaison with the supplier(s) on your behalf and can arrange for the products to be consolidated, market ready and shipped to your country as per your requirements.

What we can offer you:

  • One trusted contact for sourcing multiple products/manufacturers

  • Innovation: Keep you informed of the latest health and wellness trends and new products

  • Simple: Working with you over time we are familiar with your ways of working & needs

  • Reliable: Provide outreach for you to our existing reputable network of suppliers

  • Fast: Liaise with UK & European brands and suppliers on your behalf

  • Easy: Can support you with labelling, documentation and logistics

Case Study


‘We have been working with Victoria at Bolst Global for several years on European sourcing support. She has taken the time to really understand our business, how we operate and what our customers are looking for through ongoing communication and market visits. Through Bolst Global we have been able to start dialogue with principals who wouldn’t respond to us previously and build our product portfolio as a result.’

Kuwaiti distributor of supplements and medical devices

‘Bolst Global has been an invaluable source of knowledge and support with expanding our European assortment in our stores. She is very proactive in putting forward new brand opportunities that truly match our needs and sourcing the brands we have either struggled to find or not had the time to proactively pursue ourselves.

Qatari grocery retailer

‘I always enjoy meeting with Bolst Global when they come to Kuwait. The team brings a wealth of knowledge on the up and coming UK/European trends and advises us on which brands and products we should be importing for our shoppers.’

Kuwait retailer

“We have been working with Bolst Global to launch our own healthy brand into the Kingdom this year. Thanks to their network of private label manufacturers and understanding of the complex SDFA regulations we have managed to bring to market a high quality fast moving line in our range that we have high volume expectations for. We are continuing to work with Bolst Global for further range development and value their expertise.”

Saudi Arabian brand owner

Let us help and support you

Different cultures and markets have different expectations when developing business relationships. Our team are on the ground in several territories and/or have spent significant time out in market in many regions over the years to ensure we have the knowledge and understanding to successfully manage international trade deals.

The health and wellness sector is our passion, please take a look at our portfolio section for market insights and the current health and wellness trends from around the world.

If you would like access to our latest UK trends report that is freely available to our Retailer and Distributor network, please get in touch with our team for your online access code.

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