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About Us


International Trade Specialists

Bolst Global is the place for global health and wellness businesses wanting to accelerate their international business growth.

If you’re in the food, drink or supplement sector, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Story

Historically we began in the UK with a focus on assisting British brands to ‘internationalise’. What we mean by that is; develop an export strategy and plan, understand and navigate target export markets and either start international business and/or develop existing business to maximise opportunities.

From a single business owner to the largest UK grocery brands, we have been able to assist businesses of varying scale, resources and budgets to grow overseas successfully. And we are really proud of that.

‘Bolst’ in the urban dictionary means to get from one place to another in a faster period of time. And that’s exactly what Bolst Global does! Around the world for our international clients, customers and community.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we adapted business activities to assist our retailers and distributor contacts with product/supplier sourcing. Finding new product opportunities whilst travel and trade shows were not an option has been tricky for some, thankfully the many years we’ve spent out in different markets has seen our global partnerships thrive.  Our value on building long standing relationships and taking the time to understand their customers, cultural and market needs has put us in a strong position. And we are thrilled to have helped to continue to make international trade happen.

Some of Our Clients

Our vision

Everything we do is focused on supporting our clients and customers to succeed internationally! Explore new markets, find new business partners for brands, source amazing new overseas products or suppliers for our global customers, consult, train and more)

We are really ambitious. Our mission is clear:  
We want our services and support to be so helpful to those who interact with us that:

  • Brand owners thrive overseas in a much quicker way than what they would have been able to do on their own

  • International customers keep coming back because they know we offer them great global health and wellness suppliers and a top notch customer service

Our working style is very casual and open. WhatsApp chat and flexibility in our approach for sure. But don’t let that fool you! We are results driven, have very high standards for the work we deliver and have an incredible energy and action about us. And by ‘us’ we mean our ever growing Bolst Global team, located in various global territories who can support our clients and customers in progressing their international goals.

If who we are sounds like what you are looking for then please get in touch with us for a discussion on your international trade needs. We would be delighted to see how we could help you!

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Victoria Boldison

Victoria Boldison

CEO & Founder

Victoria is a multi-award winning Chartered Marketer and has worked internationally for all of her career within start up, SME and large corporation environments marketing and selling food, drinks, supplements and medical devices around the world.

Multilingual with an MA Hons from the University of Oxford (French, Spanish and Portuguese) and an executive MBA from Leeds Business School, Victoria now runs Bolst Global, an international business consultancy and export solutions provider, supporting those businesses operating in global food, drink and supplement sectors.