Market Insights

Understanding your target export markets before or at the point of entry is often pivotal to the overall long term success you will gain there. Knowing how the market is structured and performing, what the competitive environment looks like and what the general appetite for your products is are all important factors you must be aware of.

Many companies do not spend enough time upfront researching the export markets that are looking the most likely that they will succeed in, or where they have had an approach from a potential customer. This can often lead to wasted time and effort, creating a higher overall cost to the business in the longer run.

  • Overview of your target market

  • Information on the retail landscape and consumer trends

  • Category data on your product

  • Competitive analysis of your products in the target market

  • List of active distributors and potential buying partners

  • Review of the opportunities and challenges posed in the chosen market

  • Market entry recommendations

With our global market insight reports we undertake a thorough investigation of your target markets, leaving you with a clear understanding of how it operates and what potential level of growth and opportunity you could find there for your products.

With these insights and our expert advice you will be equipped with how best to proceed with your market entry into your chosen export market.

Market Insight Reports

This service is offered to both new and existing brands/manufacturers. You may wish to use this service to validate that the export markets you have selected to enter are indeed the most opportune for you. Alternatively, it can be used to further understand a market where you are already exporting to or to assess the market potential from an approach by a potential customer there.

If you would like to commission a detailed market report with real time data and analysis specific to your product mix/brand then please complete the contact form below. One of our team will come back to you to discuss this further.

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    New Exporters

    If you are a new exporter or have a limited budget we would recommend you download one of our market insight reports as a starting point to understand your target markets. If we do not have your target market uploaded on our database at this time then you can request this here.