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Hi everyone it’s Victoria at Bolst Global i hope you are doing really well. So today i wanted to talk about that elusive golden nugget everybody
is looking for which is finding great export customers around the world and really penetrating new markets and growing your business. Now it’s not easy finding them, where to do so, that’s really what i wanted to talk to you about today and help you realise and appreciate that this
can be done and you can build a global business and take your brand into many markets with the right methodology strategy and the right energy to really go about it. So where to start well i would say that if you’re looking at exporting, use your networks that already exist you will
probably be amazed when you start digging around through your local business contacts personal contacts people that are working internationally who, particularly if they’re in the same sector have already potentially existing relationships contacts and advice that they’re willing to give so i would always say start with what you have and you’d be quite amazed just by reaching out and asking people for advice and support what they can offer. Don’t forget also there’s lots of local organisations who can help both private and public usually, chambers of commerce the government private consultancies and trade advising companies like ourselves who are here to help so see what they have to offer, look at any content they’re creating online as well.

Online is one that we really can’t forget about these days particularly after the global pandemic the ability to find information and find customers through using the internet. We use a lot LinkedIn which can be an amazing tool for finding new business new business contacts and the right people at the right level in order to interact and enter discussions on a commercial level so don’t underestimate the tool of using that both LinkedIn for business to business any social media also in and equally website searches google searches and also really looking if there’s an opportunity to expose your brand internationally and also any virtual shows that may be going on at the moment that whilst you don’t want to commit to a physical trade show or you can’t or the investment’s too much being able to participate online these days can give your brand some great exposure to new potential customers and buyers overseas.

The other thing i think which is also a good tip from our perspective is if you have a target market in mind looking at the potential end customers or where you would be wanting to sell your products ultimately, it may be that there is an option if you’re looking at retailers to go directly to those retailers and they may have the ability to import and work directly with you however, if you can enter into a dialogue with them and they don’t sell import directly a great tip is to ask them any recommendations of wholesalers, distributors other people within their local market that they would recommend that they already do business with and who have the capability of potentially working with a brand like yourselves in order to bring the products into the market and another way by doing that as well is if you gained the retailer interest in your product and brand by approaching some of their recommended partners with that interest you’re much more likely to get a conversation and potentially some business partnerships working with them as well if they know they’ve already got one of their key customers interested in your product and what you’re offering.

So you’ll see there’s lots of ways in which you can find customers the world is changing you have to remain open and also very energetic with this which is certainly the way we are at balls global tenacity is key resilience to keep going finding those people in those target markets and keep pushing for conversations for the ability to have calls with them even virtually using other platforms as far as possible remember that email is not always the preferred method of communicating in certain parts of the world as well so being adaptable in your approach is really really important when you are taking what you’re offering overseas. So i hope that’s helpful if you’d like any more tips or advice do visit our website for plenty other video blogs like this and equally plenty of online content don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like some more information on our services and how we help businesses and brands to grow overseas.

Thank you

Victoria Boldison

Victoria Boldison

CEO & Founder

Victoria is a multi-award winning Chartered Marketer and has worked internationally for all of her career within start up, SME and large corporation environments marketing and selling food, drinks, supplements and medical devices around the world.

Multilingual with an MA Hons from the University of Oxford (French, Spanish and Portuguese) and an executive MBA from Leeds Business School, Victoria now runs Bolst Global, an international business consultancy and export solutions provider, supporting those businesses operating in global food, drink and supplement sectors.

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