Spinneys Local Business Incubation Program

Are you a new brand wishing to be listed in Spinney’s stores?

Spinneys are on the lookout for FMCG entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the UAE market with an offer to help those chosen brands and manufacturers grow their businesses. 

With this programme, the premium retail supermarket chain are supporting the UAE government’s ambitions for greater domestic food security and production, by focusing on new product development and products made within their local market. 

Spinneys Local Business Incubation Program will identify and support entrepreneurial ambitions and develop businesses within the FMCG sector in the UAE. 

Applicants will be assessed and shortlisted for the programme. The Spinney’s commerical, marketing and supply chain teams will provide the help these businesses need to launch into store.

How will the businesses be selected?

  • First, submit a presentation in a digital format (PowerPoint presentation, video, etc.)
  • The presentation needs to detail:
    • the customer need
    • the product or concept
    • the business plan
    • the person behind the business
  • The panel will review and shortlist potential businesses
  • Shortlisted businesses will be invited for a face-to-face session to present their concept and answer questions
  • Selected businesses will be listed into Spinneys stores

Create a winning presentation

Check if you are eligible:

  • The company must be registered in the UAE

  • The owner(s) of the company must be a UAE resident or citizen

  • The product needs to be manufactured or produced in the UAE

  • The company should not already be trading with a supermarket group within the UAE

  • Companies can already be trading in pure online, market stall or independent retailers

  • The product concept need not already be in production

  • The product needs to be suitable for supermarket retail and aligned to Spinneys’ brand guidelines and values

  • The product does not need to be food, but should be closely associated with food to build Spinneys’ brand equity in food and the fresher experience

Find out more

The deadline for the application is June 30th. For more information, visit their website at http://www.spinneys-dubai.com/spinneys-local-business-incubator

Alongside this business opportunity for local UAE based brands, we also have a number of other UAE export opportunities for international brands and manufacturers seeking to enter this market. Click here to access the current list of export opportunities.

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