How to create a Winning International Presentation

Attracting potential overseas buyers with an attractive presentation and marketing materials can make the difference between achieving a sale or not.

If you are a company looking to increase sales and to export your products abroad, it is worthwhile investing in developing a presentation for your chosen market. Below are some helpful tips to help you.

Don’t simply use your standard country of origin presentation.

By all means take a look at your existing marketing materials and presentations as a starting point for developing an international version. However you should look at what you have with a fresh perspective and review what assumptions or information are contained within it.

Often much of the data has no relevance or will not be understood by an overseas prospect who has never come across your company or brand before. So you will need to either adapt it appropriately or start again from an international perspective.

This should also tie in with your international value proposition, which may not be exactly the same as your domestic one.

High impact pictures

Product images are essential and have an important role when putting forward your brand, especially when English is not widely spoken in your target market. Let the images speak for themselves and make them stand out from the presentation.

Company images are also advised, to give the potential buyer a sense of the company ethos, size and history. For many this will be the first time they have come across your organisation and giving a sense of heritage or reason for existing in your domestic marketplace is usually very helpful.

Don’t dismiss the importance of having British origin products (if that’s indeed part of your offer!) and not highlighting this to your audience.  Potential customers are often interested in knowing more around the quality of your product or brand. So make sure you show this, both from images and text.

The photographs and images used should strike a chord with potential buyers as well as being in line with your brand values.

Reach the target market

Emphasise what is unique to your product and use these benefits to differentiate your brand from any possible competition!

Remember also that your local competition is often not same in international markets! If possible do some prior research into the competitive landscape of your target market when compiling your marketing materials. Include useful market and competition data into your presentation. This shows you have a clear understanding of the market in which you are operating, where you see your product fitting and how it differentiates.

If you set up and include this market and competitive data within one or two slides of your presentation then you can easily adapt it later on for various target markets.

The aim of your export presentation is to peak the interest of your audience, to show there is a business opportunity for your products in an export market and to encourage questions and requests for more information about your product range.

Use concise words

Use simple yet impactful words that can evoke emotions. Customers will remember these benefits longer. However, choose carefully the language you use, both in the presentation document and when communicating. Long lists and complicated phrases can cause confusion and reduce confidence for non-native English speakers.

Leave the finer detail on the products for a further discussion and in other export documents. This could include information on product packaging, case dimensions, minimum order quantities, etc.

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