The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in Western Asia of around 9.6 million inhabitants. It is part of the larger regional organisation, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), along with Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The whole region comprises of 65 million inhabitants.

Revenue from the food and beverage industry is expected to reach USD194 million in 2020. Food consumption is estimated to reach 59.2 million tonnes by 2021. In 2018, total imports amounted to USD6.9 billion, the major trading partners being Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom.

High growth categories in the UAE are: Savory Snacks, Sweet spreads, Baby food, Processed meat and seafood, Sauces, dressings and condiments, Breakfast cereals, Rice, pasta and noodles, Baked goods, Ready meals. In the Health category, consumers are looking more and more for alternatives such as organic, vegan and gluten-free options. 

If you are a brand within these categories, then doing business in the UAE might bring you great opportunities. Always be mindful of local tastes, preferences and regulations, meaning you will need to conduct thorough R&D to adapt to consumers’ needs.

Below are some of the current export opportunities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this page is continuously updated so please check back.

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Pet Food / Care Items

Various requests to expand the pet food, care and general pet sector through our retailer and distributor network. If you have an innovative or unique offering for the sector and would like to see if the UAE has an interest then please put forward your products for consideration

High Protein Shakes

A distributor is looking for high protein (30g minimum per serving) RTD shakes that are not currently present in the UAE but would like to enter this market. This partner already has an established customer base for this kind of product and would work off net net pricing without any significant investment support needed by the brand.

Single Serve Cereals

A distributor is looking for competitively priced single serve museli/porridge/cereals for the hospitality sector.  Must be willing to start with small quantities and build the opportunity organically.

Collagen Products

With high demand for this kind of product that works wonders for your skin, joints and more we have a number of partners in the market asking for convenient ready to consume collagen products. If these products contain animal sources then they must be appropriately halal certified.

Granola/Breakfast Cereals

A UAE Distributor is looking for a new to the UAE brand of healthy granolas/breakfast bowls which is both wholesome and also competitively priced.

High Protein Ready-to-Eat Pancakes

A large health and nutrition retailer is seeking a manufacturer of long shelf life (9 months minimum) high protein, low carbohydrate flavoured pancakes who is willing to offer private label manufacturing.

High Protein Baked Goods

A Middle Eastern retailer is looking to source a high protein baked goods for their outlets – these can be loaves, morning goods and any other bakery items

The product should be with a minimum of 7 days shelf life and ambient.

The products would be required to be sent to a UK destination for exporting and no Arabic labelling or date coding is required as this will be done by the company taking title of the goods in the UK.

Alternative Vegan Cheese

A UAE contact would like to source alternative vegan cheese products. These products should not already be available in the UAE market. (various types i.e. mozzarella, cheddar; & formats i.e. slices, grated, spreads, etc.)

Alternative Milk Products

A UAE distributor is actively sourcing a supplier of alternative milk products (i.e. ready-to-drink, coffees, actual milk alternatives)

Past Opportunities

Organic Konjac Noodles

An organic retailer is seeking organic konjac noodles for their stores and ideally to offer in their own private label

Keto Carbonated Drink

A large health and nutrition retailer is looking for a private label supplier who can manufacture a Keto Coca-Cola style drink with added MCT oil, electrolytes and amino acids.

Vegan Pies

A UAE distributor focusing on plant-based and healthy products is looking  for a manufacturer of vegan savoury pies

Chilled Halal Certified Pizzas

A UAE retailer is seeking chilled halal certified meat pizzas for their shoppers.

The pizzas should have the longest possible shelf life and have halal certification that is in line with the ESMA requirements from the UAE.

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