Private label support

Are you a Brand owner, a Category manager or a Strategic Sourcing Manager in an overseas market who is tasked with developing private label ranges and you need to source high quality, reliable European manufacturers?

Want additional support with your projects from Bolst Global?

We would be delighted to support you with your private label project and ensure you have the best quality manufacturers on board to work with and that business between all parties is smooth, delivered on time and to the satisfaction of all involved.

We know that working internationally is not without its challenges.

Acting as the main contact point between you and the supplier we have the ability to navigate cultural differences, time zones and the tensions inherent between cross border buyers and sellers to arrive at a quicker and successful project delivery. In fact, having an additional partner like Bolst Global ensures you have an accountable project management support and someone who understands the importance of clear communication, cultural understanding and high attention to detail.


We pride ourselves on our high level of service and support we provide to our clients and customers around the world.

We have experience in developing successful private label including, more recently:

  • Organic spread to Saudi Arabia

  • Nut bars to the UAE

‘We have been working with Victoria at Bolst Global for several years on European sourcing support. She has taken the time to really understand our business, how we operate and what our customers are looking for through ongoing communication and market visits. Through Bolst Global we have been able to start dialogue with principals who wouldn’t respond to us previously and build our product portfolio as a result.’

Kuwaiti distributor of supplements and medical devices

‘Bolst Global has been an invaluable source of knowledge and support with expanding our European assortment in our stores. She is very proactive in putting forward new brand opportunities that truly match our needs and sourcing the brands we have either struggled to find or not had the time to proactively pursue ourselves.

Qatari grocery retailer

‘I always enjoy meeting with Bolst Global when they come to Kuwait. The team brings a wealth of knowledge on the up and coming UK/European trends and advises us on which brands and products we should be importing for our shoppers.’

Kuwait retailer

“We have been working with Bolst Global to launch our own healthy brand into the Kingdom this year. Thanks to their network of private label manufacturers and understanding of the complex SDFA regulations we have managed to bring to market a high quality fast moving line in our range that we have high volume expectations for. We are continuing to work with Bolst Global for further range development and value their expertise.”

Saudi Arabian brand owner

How does it work?

  • If you are a new client to us, we begin with finding out about your organisation and private label project needs.  This can be via phone, conference call or email as per your preferences.

  • After we have a clear understanding of your search criteria, we go out to our supplier network to find suitable candidates for you.

  • Once we have shortlisted producers who fit your criteria we present this to you for consideration.

  • You tell us which are of interest and that you would like to enter into a dialogue with, we start the next phase of project development.

  • We bring the suppliers into the conversation to develop the opportunity and then continue to manage the project to see it through to completion phase.

  • After sales support care is always available from Bolst Global and we are happy to continue being your contact point and to ensure the business grows and continues over the long term.

Why work with Bolst Global?

  • One trusted contact for multiple private label projects

  • Experienced: Years of expertise in international trade and with private label manufacturing

  • Simple: Working with you over time we are familiar with your ways of working & needs

  • Reliable: Provide outreach for you to our existing reputable network of suppliers

  • Fast: Can liaise with UK & European brands and suppliers on your behalf

  • Easy: Can support you with labelling, documentation and logistics if needed

This service is perfect for international brand owners and/or Category/Sourcing managers who have private label sourcing from European manufacturers as part of their role and would welcome additional support to fast track their business and project objectives.

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