Product Sourcing

As a retailer, distributor or other organisation operating within your market then you know what the consumer trends and your customer needs are. You can often also see the gaps in the market for new products or innovations too.

The tricky part is finding a high quality manufacturer or brand that can fulfil your product requirements and appreciate this market opportunity, especially if you are needing or wanting to source from overseas.

But how many times have you reached out to potential international suppliers and never had an adequate timely reply, or in some cases not even a response back at all?

  • It is a free of charge search service

  • One trusted contact for sourcing multiple products/manufacturers

  • We provide outreach to our existing network of suppliers

  • We make initial contact on your behalf

  • We can support with follow up and negotiation if required

  • Ongoing support with supplier liaison if required

With Bolst Global we can help you to find that product or manufacturer you are looking for. Thanks to our extensive network of producers and of brand owners we are able to provide you with a direct line of contact into our recommended suppliers who fulfil your criteria. If you have a specific manufacturer or brand in mind then we can usually open the door of communication for you.

As many of these suppliers can be inexperienced with selling overseas then we can also work with them to help them understand what is additionally required from your side (additional labelling, necessary export documentation, providing transportation etc) and ensure the set up and ongoing business development between both parties is smooth and mutually beneficial.

This means no more countless hours looking for new products

We have a short onboarding session with you to understand your organisation and company needs better.  This can be via phone, conference call or email as per your preferences.

After this, we undertake the outreach and sourcing on your behalf through a number of channels, putting forward any validated and suitable suppliers for your consideration.

Once we have secured a range of producers who fit your criteria and that you would like to enter into a dialogue with, we agree on how best to progress this business opportunity between all relevant parties.

You can take a look at some of our live export opportunities we are currently supporting retail buyers and distributors with here.


This service is suitable for companies actively looking for new product lines – branded or private label- and who are having difficulty finding the right supplier.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you please fill in the contact form.

If you are a brand owner or manufacturer wishing to offer your products or production capabilities to our global database of buyers (retailers, distributors etc) then please click here to register some initial details.

If you are looking to source an overseas partner rather than a product please refer to our market outreach service

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