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Welcome to Bolst Global product sourcing services, tailored specifically for Middle Eastern retailers and distributors. We understand the unique needs and preferences of the Middle Eastern market and have we created a comprehensive sourcing solution to meet those requirements. As experts in international trade and with a deep knowledge of the health food, drink and supplement sectors, we offer a wide range of services aimed at connecting you with top-quality products and brands from the United Kingdom (UK).

Our dedicated team of specialists will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, provide market trends, ensure compliance with regulations, and streamline the sourcing process. With our expertise and extensive network of suppliers, we are committed to helping you access health and wellness products that will meet the demands of your health conscious consumers.

Expertise in International Trade

Save time and resources when looking for new UK brands and products. Our team of international trade specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise in navigating the complexities of international trade. We have been working with partners in the Middle East for over 15 years and we understand the intricacies of exporting to the region and have a deep understanding of export regulations, logistics, customs procedures, and market dynamics. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient sourcing process, reducing potential challenges and risks associated with international trade.

Access to Validated Health Food, Drink and Supplement Brands

Many UK brands manufacture excellent products but do not have the infrastructure or know-how to export their products to the Middle East. Collaborating with Bolst Global as your UK sourcing partner will provide you with access to a wide range of reputable UK health food and drink products that meet international quality standards and are able to be exported in to your market. We have spent over 15 years establishing networks and relationships with UK suppliers, enabling us to source products that align with the your specific requirements and preferences of the Middle Eastern market.

The UK is known for its diverse and high-quality health food and drink products and our validation process ensures you will be sourcing products from reputable brands who (with our support) have the understanding and capabilities to trade internationally.

Quality & Compliance

We understand the complexities and the need for compliance with the region’s regulatory standards when sourcing products for the Middle Eastern market. Our team prioritise quality assurance and compliance. We work closely with UK suppliers to ensure that health food, drink and supplement products meet rigorous quality control measures, certifications, and labelling requirements needed by retailers and distributors within the region.

Market Insights & Trends

Our team stay up to date with market trends and consumer preferences in the health food and drink sector. We can provide you with valuable market insights, including information on emerging trends, popular product categories, and consumer demands. This knowledge enables our clients to make informed decisions when selecting health food and drink products that align with the latest market trends and the needs of your consumers.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

We have a wealth of experience in managing complex supply chains and can coordinate the logistics, shipping, and documentation required when sourcing health products from the UK for distribution and retail in the Middle East. Our expertise helps to ensure an efficient and timely delivery, reducing potential delays due to the complexities of Middle Eastern regulations.

Bridge Cultural Gaps

Our team act as a bridge between UK suppliers and Middle Eastern retailers and distributors, helping to navigate cultural and communication differences. We understand the business practices, etiquette, and cultural nuances of both regions, facilitating effective communication and collaboration. This bridge can foster stronger business relationships and ensure smooth interactions between the parties involved.

Leveraging our expertise not only saves time and resources, it enables our retailer and distributor clients to offer pre-validated and high-quality products to their customers and expand their product offerings.

Brand Portfolio

Unlock new possibilities for your retail or distribution business with our premier product sourcing services. We specialise in curating a diverse health food, drink and supplement brand portfolio, tailored to meet the unique demands of the Middle Eastern market. With our extensive network of top quality brands and suppliers, and our in-depth industry knowledge, we have carefully selected a range of exceptional products that will captivate your customers and set your business apart.

From health food and beverages to specialty snacks and beyond, our portfolio offers a wealth of options to cater to diverse consumer preferences. Partner with us to gain access to our coveted brand portfolio, ensuring you have the latest and most sought-after products to elevate your offerings

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