Keto Diet Trends in the UAE

We usually think about the US and Western Europe leading the charge with Ketogenic and low carbohydrate products. Whilst it is certainly true that much innovation can be found in these territories; we should not ignore other geographies who have embraced the keto diet and low carb lifestyle and are bringing another twist and dimension to the Ketogenic space.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one such place where a diversity of businesses have launched keto friendly products into their local market. As experts in health and wellness we keep a keen eye on what is going on in those territories where we are active with market entry support.

During our latest Gulf tour in November 2021 we continued to delve into various new brands, retailers and meal plan providers promoting keto products. Here we showcase some of those and what they are offering Keto hungry consumers.

Home grown UAE brands


Munchbox have been in the UAE marketplace for some time with an energy and protein proposition via their fruit-based balls. The business has since expanded into many more categories including developing their own Keto friendly bakery and breakfast lines plus both sweet and savoury lines. Their products are widely available in most of the ‘modern trade’ channels (hypermarket chains) as well as convenience stores and pharmacy chains.


Thrriv is a UAE start up launched during the global pandemic and continues to go from strength to strength in the market.

Recently launching in retail with their Keto ice-cream SKU’s through the supermarket chain Choithrams they continue to develop their offering and reach to those consumers wanting a very low carbohydrate option whilst still enjoying the everyday delights of staple goods such as breads, jams, sauces and even newly launched keto friendly quiches.

House of Pops

House of Pops is a vibrant lollipop local manufacturer who has gained success in the market with their gourmet and protein enriched offerings. The perfect refreshment on a hot Dubai day!

They have also ventured into a range of keto friendly lollipops including the classic flavours of chocolate strawberry and coffee.


Ingfit is one of the first online retailers in the UAE who have truly paved the way for Keto in this market. Founded by local Emirati Dr Khadija Al Ameri  the business has been continually growing its own ketogenic range of products, which now stand at almost 400 lines on the Ingfit webshop between the branded and third party lines combined. From oils to bread to chocolate and a whole host of desserts and snacks, the online store has a wide offering especially for the clean keto follower.


Hayawiia is the new kid on the block when it comes to establishing themselves in the UAE. Whilst their physical store located in Al Quoz 4 and their online presence cover various diets and healthy produce, including superfoods, organic, gluten free and low carb, they also have a strong keto range. Their strength has been in sourcing exclusive new brands from predominantly Asian markets such as India and Sri Lanka and bringing them into the UAE for the first time. This has also allowed the business to bring new flavour profiles and twists into the Keto world including savoury cookies  whilst also offering products of a more affordable nature. Check out their online offering here:

Dr Nutrition/ La Perva Brand

As one of the leading health and fitness retailers in the Middle East, it is perhaps not surprising that Dr Nutrition, with its strong emphasis and support for weight management programs, has embraced and developed their keto ranges via their own brand, La Perva.

Their latest product to the portfolio, launched at the recent Dubai Muscle Show, was a new keto friendly cola.

Private label options

Jumping on the fat friendly trend, even the more traditional retailers themselves in the UAE are granting more and more shelf space to these kinds of products, both imported and local. We can even see private label offerings in some of the supermarket chains such as MAF Carrefour and Lulu’s. This is a change from other major retailers in Western Europe and the UK who are yet to make Keto more mainstream in their stores.

Meal delivery service providers

Another channel that has been exploding in general in the UAE, as with many other parts of the world, is the home delivery of both restaurant meals and specific meal plans. The increased number of delivery drivers on the roads of Dubai are a clear testament to this. When it comes to keto specific meal plans providers then there are several already operating in the UAE including Mibo with their range of keto pizzas and desserts and Ketolife.

In summary, it is clear that the UAE has much to offer its residents and tourists with Keto friendly options.

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