Global Explorers Funding Opportunity

The Global Explorers program, powered by Innovate UK, is your gateway to supercharge innovation, growth, and international success for your UK-based SME. Designed to support individual businesses, it offers a unique opportunity to expedite the development of your pioneering ideas, products, and services, while opening doors to global markets.

Aims & Objectives

  • Explore International Collaborations: Uncover exciting opportunities for global research and development partnerships that can catapult your innovation efforts.
  • Drive Cross-Border Innovation: Learn how to effectively engage in collaborative research and innovation activities across borders, leveraging the collective power of international expertise.
  • Discover Global Market Prospects: Access untapped markets worldwide, giving your business the chance to flourish on the global stage.


  • Part of the Innovate UK’s support for UK SMEs enabling access to global opportunities
  • Reduced risk to the business in taking steps to explore global markets
  • Leverage of existing costs 
  • Access to expertise, knowledge and experience enabling validation and acceleration of innovative products and services
  • Increased knowledge, understanding and experience of international opportunities and market
  •  Accelerated global growth and scalingAccelerated scaling

Key Features

  • Grant funding for 70% of eligible costs up to £21,000
  • Six-month project window
  • Apply through and work with a highly experienced innovation & growth specialist
  • Opportunity to explore international R&D collaboration and partnerships
  • Opportunity to explore global markets 

Funding Available

 Grant funding is available for up to 70% of eligible project activities, up to a maximum of £21,000. The business will need to contribute the remaining 30% of project costs (in kind, financial or non-financial).

 Explore further international R&D and innovation opportunities

 Engage in research and innovation across borders

 Develop global partnerships, collaborations and networks

 Increase understanding and experience of accessing global markets 

 Accelerate innovative products and services

Examples of how we can help with projects:

  • Explore and test possible new markets, partnerships and collaboration opportunities 

  • Identify opportunities for R&D and innovation collaboration

  • Explore the adaption of existing innovative products for a new market 

  • Technical expertise and specialist sector knowledge to aid market access 

  • Provide advice on regulatory and government processes 

  • Provide access to networks and to access the programmes of global incubators and accelerators

  • Investment readiness/scalability advice linked to international exploration 

  • Market research reports 


Be a UK based innovation-led company with ambitions to grow and internationalise

Be a company with fewer than 500 employees

Must already be working with Innovate UK EDGE

Eligibility & Suitability

Standard Innovate UK Eligibility requirements apply: 

  • UK registered business
  • Business is trading and not a holding or dormant company
  • Business has less than 500 employees (250 in Northern Ireland), a turnover of less than €50m, or a balance sheet of less than €43m
  • The support to be provided will not exceed their rolling three-year Minimal Financial Assistance Allowance
  • Global Explorers will not fund any activities related to Russia or Belarus including procurement, commercial, business development or supply chain activity with any Russian and Belarusian entity, partner or subcontractor. This includes any goods or services originating from a Russian and Belarusian source.

Register Your Interest

We invite you to take full advantage of the Global Explorers program. Let us be your partner in this incredible opportunity for funding, innovation, and worldwide expansion.

To register your interest, please complete the contact form and one of our team will come back to you

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