UAE Food and Drink Distributor Interview

The UAE is an attractive export market for food, drink and supplement brands and offers an untapped business growth potential for many aspiring or developing exporters. Consumers are very diverse due to the population composition and the high global tourism. Moreover, they have an appetite for quality and differentiated products. It is often seen as a good starting point for entry into the wider Gulf region.

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Our network in the UAE expands to grocery and pharmacy retailers, a wide range of distributors, agents, and consolidators. We were delighted to recently interview one of our health and wellness partners, Davina Shah, from The Goods Collective Co. Here is her perspective on:

  • Emerging UAE trends

  • Current product opportunities

  • Doing business in the UAE

  • Top tips on entering the market


Specifically developed for Health and Wellness brands and manufacturers looking to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with food, drink or supplement products.

This comprehensive report has been produced by our expert team and export contacts out in the UAE. Due to the current climate and travel restrictions, we have developed this online market access programme to provide you with an in-depth market analysis of current trends, consumer profiling, legal documentation requirements and an up-to-date retail landscape report following Covid-19.

Our team of experienced experts have worked in the UAE for several years helping both brand owners enter their products into the marketplace. In addition, thanks to our strong relationships and knowledge of the market we also assist UAE retailers, distributors and consolidators with sourcing brands and manufacturers that they are actively seeking.

UAE Export Opportunities


Exporting to the UAE

Exporting to the United Arab Emirates

Seabrook Case Study

If you are a distributor in the UAE and would like to discuss how we can help to build your product portfolio with reputable brands and manufacturers, please get in touch.

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