Fit Britches: Reshaping the world by leveraging global networks

This is the message Farnaz Khan, Founder of Fit Britches based in Yorkshire UK is getting across and her ambitious drive has seen her achieve phenomenal results in just three years with limited resources.

In a move away from our traditional food related blog posts here at Bolst Global HQ we wanted to bring something different to the table and share with our readers international insight gleaned from this inspiring interview from such a head strong woman.

So what is Fit Britches?

Fit britches is a range of women’s clothing that act as shape wear and have added clinically proven benefits such as increased circulation and reducing the visibility of cellulite. This range includes shorts, underwear, tops and leggings for women of all shapes and sizes.

Fit Britches is also a pure play retailer, meaning the products are only sold online. Whilst some people would advocate multi-channel retailing this choice to focus solely on an internet presence  has been hugely beneficial to the rapid rise of the business.

What is the message?

Simply wearing Fit Britches for 6 hours a day can lead to slimmer legs. Reviewer Yasmin proudly announces ,“I love wearing the leggings. I’ve been wearing them one month and I’ve already noticed my legs are looking slimmer.”

Some of the clinically proven benefits include:

Reduction in thigh measurements

11% improved cellulite signs

16% more skin elasticity and collagen

92% higher skin blood microcirculation

51% Better thermoregulation

These are the tried and tested results from just 30 days use.

Excellent news, but how can Farnaz make sure the world hears this and that Fit Britches continues to grow?

Investing in a global network

Well whilst the internet has been instrumental for businesses, an even bigger asset has been investing in the power of networking.

This involves people you meet, people you have something to offer or have something to offer you and/or people who you are aware of and maybe have nothing to offer each other but who may open that door to meeting someone else who can prove crucial to your business growth.

Farnaz takes a very positive view to networking and has certainly used it to her benefit and to support others in her network too. She acknowledges that she has worked hard to develop her network and this has certainly contributed to the amazing success that she has achieved in such a short space of time.

Furthermore her background in textiles and marketing have helped her to forge the relevant relationships both when building the product range and taking it to market.

Celebrity endorsements

A way in which another type of network has proven to help Fit Britches is via celebrity endorsements. This includes from reality TV star Gemma Collins who rose to fame in The Only Way Is Essex.

Collins featured Fit Britches as her top pick on This Morning stating, “these pants are amazing.”

And the celebrity endorsement doesn’t stop there, in fact huge stars such as Jessie J and Chloe Kardashian have been featured wearing the body shapers and national press have repeatedly offered high praise.

Fit britches will for sure go from strength to strength and I would expect huge things from them in 2017 and beyond especially given the easily accessible online route to market that has been taken allowing for excellent value and global accessibility.

Farnaz is also focusing attention to developing global Business to Business (B2B) partnerships and to develop further the market penetration Fit Britches already has in over  50 countries. There are some exciting developments taking place in the US and UAE markets and any interested parties who would like to work with the Fit Britches brand in their country should definitely get in touch with Farnaz to discuss the opportunities further.

All the best of luck and continued success to Farnaz and the Fit Britches brand for the future as it continues its mission to reshape the world!

You can find out more about the Fit Britchesrange here.

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