Food & Drink Export Regulations & Compliance

When it comes to selling overseas, understanding and dealing with legal and regulatory issues is an important aspect of the export process that can’t be ignored. Areas to consider include complying with the specific food regulations in place in your target markets as well as local regulations on marketing and selling that may be applicable. From a legal perspective there are various elements to get right such as understanding how best to set up legal contracts with overseas partners and ensuring you are not infringing any local laws when introducing your product to the market.

  • Creating international Non Disclosure Agreement

  • Drawing up agent, distributor or manufacturing agreements

  • Reviewing and improving existing agreements in place

  • FDA compliance for products requiring USA registration

  • Halal certification and advising

At Bolst Global we advise our clients to think about and anticipate any of these issues related to the areas of regulatory and legal compliance in advance as far as possible. We can help you prepare your products for exporting, ensuring they are compliant for the target market(s), leaving you to focus on other areas of the exporting process.

We offer support with legal aspects of your exporting and can review any existing agreements you have in place. Our recommended improvements / amendments will further strengthen and protect your international business activities.

We also have the expertise to assist with FDA compliance procedures for the USA and Halal certification for Muslim regions.


This service is suitable for companies who wish to prepare their products for exporting to various global markets. For initial advice on drawing up legal agreements, FDA compliance and Halal certification, please complete the contact form.

Food export compliance

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