Exciting Highlights from Natural Organic Products London!

We’re still buzzing from the incredible time  we had at the Natural Organic Products event in London, and we couldn’t wait to share all the exciting highlights and top trends from the show with you.

Our time at the event was nothing short of amazing. We had the pleasure of meeting with both existing and new clients, forging stronger relationships and exploring new opportunities together. Partnering once again with the event organisers, we invited a select group of VIP buyers from the Gulf region to join us at the show, and it was an overwhelming success! The feedback from our guests was so positive, with everyone excited about the incredible brands the UK and beyond has to offer. We are looking forward to deals being done as a direct result of this in the coming months!

Check out this brief video clip featuring feedback from our buyer at Holland & Barrett Qatar about their experience at the event!

Key Product Trends from NOPE

In our exploration of the key product trends at Natural Organic Products Europe 2024, one standout category was mushroom products. From cordyceps and reishi to lion’s mane, mushrooms took centre stage, with many brands showcasing scientific case studies to support their benefits. These mushroom supplements are being incorporated into various products, ranging from protein bars to adaptogenic coffee and mouth sprays.

Another emerging product trend observed at Natural Organic Products Europe 2024 was feminine care, particularly focusing on women in the perimenopausal and menopausal stages. A variety of supplements were showcased, available in convenient formats such as on-the-go sachets and specialist teas. Additionally, innovative products like lubricants and sanitary items were introduced, including packs of 100% organic bamboo period pads made with plant-based vegan materials.

Collagen products once again emerged as a standout trend with their multifaceted benefits. Among the diverse offerings were skincare creams and moisturisers infused with collagen, renowned for their ability to promote skin elasticity and hydration, resulting in a more youthful complexion. Additionally, supplement powders packed with collagen proved popular, in both tub format and on-the-go saches offering a convenient way to support skin health from within. In addition, there was a wide array of collagen capsules, offering a convenient daily dose, delivering skin-loving nutrients with ease.

Another prominent trend observed at the show was the range of drinks offering functional benefits beyond mere hydration. These beverages, ranging from flavoured mineral waters, gut friendly sodas to ranges of tea’s, were formulated with added nutrients, vitamins, herbs, and adaptogens to target specific health needs and enhance overall well-being.

Functional drinks have gained popularity due to their ability to address various health concerns while providing a convenient and enjoyable consumption experience. The trend of drinks with functional benefits reflects a growing consumer interest in products that not only quench thirst but also nourish the body and promote overall vitality

As well as these product trends, another highlight was , our Founder  Victoria leading a compelling panel discussion on Monday at the show, sharing invaluable insights and perspectives. The topic revolved around global product trends and successful retailer stories, featuring insightful contributions from our esteemed guests representing the UAE and Qatar. The session attracted a full-house audience, and we’re hoping to share the video recording with you soon!

NOPE stage

Supporting our Buyer network at the show, we also had a number of valued brand and manufacturing clients who were exhibiting or attending the show that we caught up with too. Here’s some feedback from one of our valued clients, highlighting how our services have contributed to their success in the Middle East.

Although we made every effort to connect with as many brands as possible during the show, we understand that we may have missed some of you who were there. If you’re curious about how we can support your brand to develop your Middle Eastern footprint, don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form below and our team will come back to you.

Our next trade shows will be the Food and Drink Expo at the NEC in Birmingham at the end of April followed by the Saudi Food Show in May in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Do also get in touch if you would like to meet up at either of these forthcoming events to discuss your export related needs.

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