Doing Business in Saudi Arabia as a Female Entrepreneur

Are you a female entrepreneur or Export Sales Manager looking to explore new export business opportunities and tap into the immense potential of the Saudi Arabian market?

Have a listen to our Founder, Victoria Boldison, in this short video clip as we discuss the exciting prospects and debunk some myths surrounding doing business in this thriving region. Saudi Arabia presents a vast opportunity, especially within the healthfood, supplements, and non-alcoholic beverages sectors.

The Saudi Arabian market is witnessing remarkable growth, driven by a strong demand for health products due to prevailing concerns over obesity and diabetes. As Bolst Global prioritises market development in Saudi Arabia for our clients, we want to share our experiences and insights to encourage more women in the health and wellness field to consider this market for expansion.

One of the areas where women might be apprehensive is regarding safety and security. However, from our personal experience, Saudi Arabia is a safe place for female entrepreneurs. Once you enter the kingdom, you will witness the warm welcome and openness of the business community towards women in the market.

Support and Practical Training

For those seeking extra confidence, organisations like Maiden Voyage offer support, practical training and advice on business traveller safety for various backgrounds, including female entrepreneurs. Rest assured, as a non-Muslim, you are not required to wear an abaya (traditional black dress) when visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are free to move around using taxi services like Uber and Careem .

Don’t let any perceived restrictions hold you back!

While some gender separation might still exist in facilities like gyms and swimming pools, it is not a significant hindrance. You can effectively conduct business and lead projects with great success, as we have been doing for our clients in the Saudi Arabian market for some time now.

Don’t let any perceived restrictions hold you back! Saudi Arabia presents a phenomenal opportunity for your health and wellness brand to make an impact and achieve great success. We have witnessed first-hand the hunger for change in the market and the receptiveness to quality health food and beverage products.

As a professional and driven female entrepreneur, you will be taken seriously in the Saudi Arabian business world. The potential for exporting your health and wellness products to this vibrant market is immense, and we encourage you to seize this opportunity We partake in regular market visits to the Kingdom, spending there to experience and develop business with and on behalf of our clients.

Preparing for Success

Take a look at our recent webinar presented for Free From Events and let us guide you through the exciting journey of preparing for export success in the Middle East, with a special focus on Saudi Arabia.

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