For new to export companies wishing to tap into our international expertise we have developed the following options:

  • Excel-in-Export online programme
  • Consultancy and tailored support
  • Access to our online resources

Excel-in-Export online programme

Excel-in-Export is an e-learning programme developed by our team of export experts to kick start your export success. It provides brand owners and new export professionals with practical methodologies, advice and useful templates when starting to explore international market opportunities
The content will be delivered in English and is open to companies worldwide. A certificate of completion is available upon request

The programme includes:

  • Initial Export Strategy module

  • Market Selection process module

  • Export Pricing module

  • How to prospect export customers module

  • Export pricing downloadable template

  • Free access to our Gulf 2020 Market report for food and drink

  • Three months email support from our team of experts

This programme is suitable for:

  • Brand owners wishing to grow their business internationally themselves
  • New or aspiring export professionals in international business

Export Strategy

Creating an export strategy and subsequent plan is the first important step when setting out to grow your business through exports.

Via this online programme you will learn about the fundamental elements required to set an export strategy and consider these in light of your own organisation.

This module includes a 1 hour video tutorial with information to complete your own export strategy framework.


The aim of this module is to give you a tailored export strategy specific to your organisation and product mix. It considers the fundamental aspects of exporting that need to be considered when creating a strategy.

On completing the module, you will be able to:

  • Understand how your export strategy ties into your overall business strategy
  • Establish short and long term goals for international development
  • Set clear export objectives
  • Understand where your greatest strengths and opportunities lie
  • Appreciate the internal business support required for optimum export success
  • Begin to consider which export markets are the most attractive for your product
  • Develop an international value proposition
  • Understand how international competition differs across regions

Market Selection Process Module


One of the key stumbling blocks for new exporters is knowing which overseas territories to target and which are going to give you the greatest opportunity for export success.

Without knowing where and why you are targeting those markets in particular can lead to becoming unfocused in your approach and overall diminished success.

This module will take 30 minutes to complete and additional time to research your own market selection criteria.


By the end of this module you will have the ability to create your own parameters to create market selection criteria that is relevant to your organisation.

On completing the module, you will be able to:

  • Understand which market(s) may be the most attractive to target
  • Discount other markets to create a more focused approach
  • Prioritise how to allocate your time to these shortlisted markets
  • Consider a plan of action to delve further into these territories

Export Pricing Module


Another key consideration when selling overseas is ensuring your pricing strategy for international markets is robust and delivers an acceptable profit margin for you and all those involved in the value chain. It needs to take into account the international and local competition, your chosen route to market as well as additional costs in exporting that are often overlooked such as your payment terms, Incoterms and documentation.

This module will take 20 minutes to complete with additional time to calculate your pricing proposition


Upon completing the module you will have access to a downloadable template which will allow you to calculate your optimum export pricing, dependent on a variety of factors that should be taken into account.

You will also learn:

  • The main considerations required when reviewing export pricing
  • How to maximise your profit margins
  • Some of the hidden costs of exporting and how to reduce these
  • Considerations on how to price your products within a target market

Prospecting Export Customers


Once you are clear on which market(s) you wish to enter and the pricing you have set, then it is time to start developing market and business opportunities through prospecting. Often knowing who, how and where to approach potential customers is another one of the major challenges faced by exporters.

This module will take approx. 1 hour to complete


Upon finishing this module, you will gain increased confidence and knowledge on reaching out to new business contacts in new countries. We will also provide you with a downloadable list of links and places you can find new high quality overseas prospects.

Additionally, you will learn and consider:

  • Where to seek out potential new export customers (retailers, food service channels, distributors, agents, consolidators) online and offline
  • Who to target specifically in your chosen export markets and why
  • How to create an impactful first impression
  • How to communicate with your export prospects for optimum success of engagement
  • Cultural considerations and how they can improve or impinge your response rate with prospects

The content of the programme will be delivered in English but open to companies worldwide. To express your interest in joining this export programme please fill out the application form.

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1-2-1 Consultation and tailored support

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