Export Product Labelling & Logistics

Getting new customers from overseas markets to buy your products is an exciting prospect. Ensuring the goods arrive safely, acceptably and with the correct paperwork at their point of destination is another level of complexity that exporters need to be able to manage successfully.

At Bolst Global we know that giving your global customers the confidence in the entire export buying cycle is crucial to securing new and ongoing overseas orders. Hence why many of the details around the product packaging, export documentation and the transportation become an integral part of the buying process. If incorrect, they can be expensive and time consuming to rectify.

We also know that until you become familiar with some of these need to know additional labelling and logistics processes when exporting then you may need a helping hand to begin with.

As such we have developed a one point of contact service where we can help you with export labelling. This involves multi lingual translation, label compliance checks and offering a re labelling service to over sticker your products with the necessary information in the language of the country to where you are selling.

We can also assist with the preparing of relevant export documents needed to accompany your shipment overseas and recommend reliable freight forwarders and transport providers.

  • Label translation

  • Export label compliance checking

  • Re-labelling service

  • Preparation of relevant export documents for shipments

  • Recommendation of reliable transport providers


This service is recommended for companies who have generated or anticipate export sales and need support or advice with the export labelling, documentation and logistic processes.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with your export product labelling and logistics, please complete our contact form.

To access basic information on this aspect of exporting please visit our resources page.

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