What a brilliant Bolst Global experience!

Maëva Lefer joined Bolst Global in the Spring of 2018 as an International Business Executive. Originally from France, this time at Bolst Global formed an important part of her international studies. She helped our clients with various support work and certainly learnt a lot through her time with us. Here she shares her experience.

The past few months I have spent here were definitely much more than a compulsory internship to complete my degree. It was a life experience that will for sure build a bit more my professional project and career. I have learnt more than I could have ever imagined. As a student, my only worry of being an intern was just being here and doing coffee without doing concrete tasks… – yes it is a bit stereotypical, I know. Well, it did not happen as I really felt here like I was a team member that you trust and give responsibilities to.

With the other interns and colleagues, most of the time we had separate tasks even though teamwork is an important part of the job. I was mainly in charge of market studies and international prospection. However, the tasks could be various which was valuable as I always felt like I was learning something new. I did not have the time to get bored of doing something! I think that you can call me now a specialist regarding the French condiments market as I know the ins and outs of it! I am also more familiar with the cultural aspect when it comes to doing business in Singapore or even in Italy. I can also tell you who the main distributors are regarding sport nutrition in Norway.

In short, being an intern here means increasing your knowledge of international markets.

Although it was a short internship, it has been a turning point in my life. For sure I have learnt more things in a few months here than in a few months at Uni. Actually, I would say that it was complementary and a perfect fit as I was able to put in practice some notions I studied at University, but I was also taught more than that. I was given the possibility to work while learning from the experience and the expertise of the team. I have met professionals, improved my English skills -which was a long process as dealing with the local accent was not the easiest thing –  and deeply learnt about international business development activities.

Beyond the work aspect of my internship, I absolutely have to mention the social aspect. Indeed, I have met fantastic people to work with, more than my colleagues, they became my friends and I am no doubt going to miss them a lot. Working in co-working spaces was something valuable as you can work in a friendly environment and share tips and experience with entrepreneurs. Moreover, I have learnt a lot about myself, as an individual. Before coming here, I lacked confidence about what I could bring to a business but also about what I could be really good at.

 Thanks to this opportunity I was given, I have discovered what my strengths are and what I really want to do. If you are looking for a place to learn about international business with passionate and caring people, then Bolst Global is the one!

All good things come to an end as they say…

Thank you to all the people who made this experience an unforgettable and amazing one!

We wish Maëva the very best for her future, which we know will be very bright! 

We are always on the lookout for passionate and dynamic individuals to join the Bolst Global team. If you are experienced in international business or just starting your career and would like to put forward your application please complete the contact form below.

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