Learn how to accelerate your brands growth in the Middle East


This 6-week programme provides you with the tools, mentoring and network that will teach you how to accelerate your international growth in the Middle Eastern region


Next cohort: November 2023

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    How It Works

    Join a select cohort of 5 to 6 founders / export managers of consumer brands and manufacturers, embarking on a transformative journey together.

    Our programme is built around a suite of dynamic online training workshops, enabling you to work through strategic modules at your pace.

    As part of the programme, you’ll gain invaluable insights through access to the UAE report and market trends, empowering you with a deeper understanding of this dynamic market.

    Each week will include a 1.5-hour online international strategy workshops every Friday where we share our work from that week. Mentoring from Victoria plus support and inspiration from fellow cohort members

    Weekly half-hour 1-1 progress and mentoring sessions provide you with personalised guidance, ensuring your progress aligns with your goals.

    Access to our WhatsApp community group connecting you with like-minded peers, fostering collaborative learning and networking.

    With each module, you’ll craft a tailored action plan to implement your newfound knowledge, making your journey from learning to application seamless and effective.

    This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your international growth is supported, resulting in a robust foundation for your brand’s expansion into the Middle Eastern market.


    Interactive Online Workshops

    Access to UAE Report and Market Insights

    Immersive International Strategy Workshops

    Deep Dive into Market Trends and Dynamics


    Weekly 1-1 Progress and Mentoring Sessions

    Tailored Support for Your Unique Goals

    Actionable Insights and Expert Guidance

    Crafting a Detailed Action Plan


    Exclusive Group of Complimentary Brands

    Online WhatsApp Community Group

    Collaborative Learning Environment

    Networking and Idea Exchange


    Seamlessly Transitioning from Learning to Application

    Implementing Strategies in Real-world Scenarios

    Solid Foundation for Expansion into Middle Eastern Market

    Strengthening Your Brand’s Global Presence

    Your Investment

    Your investment includes a commitment to actively participate in our International Growth Strategy Workshop, scheduled every Friday from 11 AM to 1 PM.

    Set aside an additional 1 to 2 hours each week to engage with Growth Strategy tutorials and complete associated tasks, allowing you to delve deeper into the knowledge gained.

    Come prepared to immerse yourself, embrace challenges, and cultivate substantial insights, all while establishing valuable connections and friendships within our vibrant export community.

    Your investment not only fuels the expansion of your brand but also nurtures your personal and professional growth in the exciting Middle Eastern market.

    Programme Outline

    Week 1: Action Planning

    • Introduction to the Middle Eastern Market Landscape

    • Understanding Cultural Nuances and Business Etiquette

    • Identifying Key Market Trends and Opportunities

    Week 1 of our programme is all about setting the stage for success. We kick off with action planning, ensuring that you’re equipped with a roadmap for the weeks ahead. Accountability is key, and we help you establish clear objectives to guide your journey.

    Delve into the intricate details of the Middle Eastern Market Landscape, where you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of its nuances and dynamics. Cultural sensitivity is essential, and we delve deep into Business Etiquette, helping you navigate interactions with respect and confidence.

    Uncover the potential of the market as we guide you through Identifying Key Market Trends and Opportunities, providing you with insights that will shape your strategic decisions moving forward.

    Week 2: Strategy & Planning

    • Crafting an Effective International Growth Strategy

    • Market Entry Strategies and Considerations

    • People Pounds & Production Framework

    In Week 2, we dive headfirst into Strategy & Planning, where the foundations of your success take shape. Craft an Effective International Growth Strategy that aligns with your business goals and the unique demands of the Middle Eastern market.

    Explore Market Entry Strategies and Considerations, ensuring that your approach is well-calibrated for optimal impact. Our innovative “People, Pounds & Production” Framework provides a holistic perspective, focusing on people-centric strategies, financial considerations, and efficient production methods.

    This week equips you with the strategic insights needed to steer your business toward growth and prosperity in the Middle East.

    Week 3: Products & Compliance

    • Tailoring Your Products and Brand to Middle Eastern Preferences

    • Navigating Regulatory Compliance and Product Standards

    • Packaging and Labelling Requirements

    Week 3 is dedicated to Products and Compliance, where we fine-tune your offerings for Middle Eastern success. Discover the art of Tailoring Your Products and Brand to Middle Eastern Preferences, ensuring your offerings resonate with local tastes and preferences.

    Navigating Regulatory Compliance and Product Standards is paramount, and we guide you through the intricacies to ensure your products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

    Master the art of Packaging and Labelling Requirements, crafting visuals that capture attention while adhering to local regulations. By the end of this week, your products will be poised for success in the Middle Eastern market, meeting both consumer expectations and legal requirements.

    Week 4: Establishing Partnerships

    • Building Relationships with Distributors and Retailers

    • Negotiating Win-Win Agreements

    • Leveraging Local Networks for Growth

    Week 4 is all about Establishing Partnerships, a crucial step in your Middle Eastern journey. Uncover the art of Building Relationships with Distributors and Retailers, forging connections that are instrumental in market penetration.

    Our expert guidance on Negotiating Win-Win Agreements ensures that partnerships are mutually beneficial, setting the stage for sustainable growth. Leverage Local Networks for Growth, tapping into our extensive connections to amplify your reach and influence in the market.

    By mastering partnership dynamics, you’re poised to expand your presence and thrive in the Middle Eastern business landscape.

    Week 5: Marketing & Visibility

    • Developing a Market-Specific Marketing Strategy

    • Online and Offline Tactics for Effective Brand Promotion

    • Showcasing Your Brand’s Unique Value Proposition

    Week 5 is dedicated to Marketing and Visibility, where your brand’s presence takes center stage. Develop a Market-Specific Marketing Strategy tailored to resonate with Middle Eastern consumers.

    From online tactics to offline approaches, we guide you through effective methods for Brand Promotion, ensuring your message reaches the right audience. Showcase Your Brand’s Unique Value Proposition to stand out in a competitive market, capturing the attention and loyalty of your target customers.

    By the end of this week, you’ll be equipped with the tools to elevate your brand’s visibility and create a lasting impact in the Middle Eastern market.

    Week 6: Scaling Up

    • Implementing Your Growth Strategy in the Middle Eastern Market

    • Overcoming Challenges and Adapting to Market Dynamics

    • Scaling Up: Strategies for Sustain

    In Week 6, we dive into Executing and Scaling, where your plans come to fruition. Implement Your Growth Strategy in the Middle Eastern market, translating your strategies into action for tangible results.

    Overcome Challenges and Adapt to Market Dynamics as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape with confidence. Scaling Up strategies are unveiled, guiding you on sustainable expansion for lasting success.

    This week’s focus is on turning vision into reality, ensuring your brand’s seamless integration and growth in the dynamic Middle Eastern market.

    Join this 6-week journey of comprehensive learning, mentorship, and networking, designed to equip you with the essential tools and insights needed to accelerate your international growth in the thriving Middle Eastern region.


    Next cohort: November 2023

    Enter your details below, our team will contact you.