Saudi Arabia is a country in Western Asia of around 33.7 million inhabitants. It is part of the larger regional organisation, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), along with Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The whole region comprises of 65 million inhabitants.

In Saudi Arabia, around USD70 billion is spent on food consumption. Halal is also a growing  category and is expected to reach USD6 billion. The Health and Wellness sector represents also a booming category with the total consumption of organic, gourmet and health food products expected to reach more than USD27 billion. Food imports are constantly growing, increasing by 10% in 2018, and total imports are expected to reach USD35 billion in 2020.

High growth categories in Saudi Arabia are: Processed Meat and Seafood, Baked Goods, Baby Food, Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts, Processed Fruit and Vegetables, Ready Meals, Confectionery, Rice, Pasta and Noodles. In terms of Health Foods, organic, gourmet, free from are categories showing great potential and are constantly growing.

If you are a brand within these categories, then doing business in Saudi Arabia might bring you great opportunities. Always be mindful of local tastes, preferences and regulations, meaning you will need to conduct thorough R&D to adapt to consumers’ needs.

Below are some of the current export opportunities in Saudi Arabia, this page is continuously updated so please check back.

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A pharmacy chain is looking for private label lozenges from a GMP accredited facility

Cereals & Muselis

A major food service player in the Kingdom is looking for bulk cereals and muselis to offer their HORECA customers

Protein Cookies

A leading distributor is looking to work with a soft baked high protein plant-based cookie brand, not currently available in Saudi Arabia but wanting to enter and willing to place Arabic text and a minimum 12 month shelf life on the products


A major pharmacy chain is looking for private label nutraceutical manufacturers to support in producing their growing range of private label brands. They require GMP accredited facilities

Savoury Better for You chips

A Distributor is seeking a new range of savoury chips not currently available in Saudi Arabia. Minimum 15 month shelf life and with better for you credentials

Halal friendly Gummies

A distributor would like to extend their private label offering with a range of halal friendly beauty, collagen and multivitamins. The ability to offer low MOQs to begin with is important to grow the business together

Potassium Chloride tablet

A healthcare distributor is looking for a slow release potassium chloride tablet

Sports nutrition range

A distributor is looking for a range of sports nutrition with several flavoured whey proteins that are well established in the domestic market, not available in Saudi Arabia and keen to enter the market there

Vitamin C Powder sachets

A distributor is seeking a range of flavoured single serve Vitamin C powder sachets that can be consumed directly orally without the need to dilute into liquid. Should not be available in Saudi Arabia already and have GMP accredited facility.

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    Past Opportunities

    Weight Management Products

    A large pharmacy chain is looking for a range of weight management products to list in their stores.

    These products should be manufactured in a Saudi Food and Drug Authority registered facility or in liquid or powder format.

    Healthy Tea/Beverages

    A large pharmacy chain is seeking a range of 10 -12 products for a new healthy tea or beverage range for their stores.

    This product should not already be available in the marketplace and be willing to work exclusively with the retailer.

    Organic Keto

    A distributor/retailer focused on organic products would like to source organic certified:

    • Keto bread

    • Keto pasta

    • Keto cakes

    Organic Private Label Producers

    A brand owner would like to source organic certified private label suppliers to produce their new healthy organic range.

    They have a wide portfolio of food items they wish to develop in their brand and seek high quality European private label manufacturers.

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