Sweden is a Northern European country of just over 10 million inhabitants. It is part of the wider geographical region of Scandinavia, along with Norway and Denmark. The region total 21 million inhabitants. The food and beverage industry in Sweden represents an expected revenue of USD208 million in 2020.

In 2018, the total imports in Sweden amounted to USD6.6 billion. The country mainly imports from Europe and Central Asia, with a revenue of around USD6 billion. The top imported categories are products that are not produced in the country such as citrus fruit, nuts, green coffee, tea, cocoa, spices and wine, and some fresh vegetables and fruit. Other imported categories are fish & seafood products, sauces and dressings, ready-to-eat meals, canned, frozen and dried foods, chocolate and sugar confectionery. Among the health categories, organic beverages and packaged food have seen the strongest growth. Other well performing categories are fortified/functional and naturally healthy beverages, and food intolerance packaged food.

If you are a brand within these categories, then doing business in Sweden might bring you great opportunities. Always be mindful of local tastes, preferences and regulations, meaning you will need to conduct thorough R&D to adapt to consumers’ needs.

Below are some of the current export opportunities in Sweden, this page is continuously updated so please check back.

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Organic Healthy Products

One of the largest Swedish pharmacy chains is seeking new products within the sleep category. This includes supplements and sleep aids, initially for their e-commerce part of the business. Existing International brands already present in Sweden are encouraged to apply.

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