Product / Brand Sourcing

As a reputable and leading retailer, distributor or other organisation operating within your market then completely understand.

You need to be continuously offering your shoppers and customers new healthier product choices and innovations, ideally those which are not available from your competitors too. Often this can mean bringing in a new product from another international territory.

Where can you quickly find these overseas products?

At Bolst Global we can help you to find the product or brand you are looking for. Thanks to our passion in health and wellness, our knowledge in the international trade field plus our extensive network of producers and brand owners, we are able to ignite (or reignite contact) with recommended or vetted suppliers who fulfil your search criteria.

What if you want new products but don’t actually know exactly what you are looking for?

We often experience this with the Retailers and Distributors that we work with.  As such we can provide you with plenty of brand and product suggestions that we know and support.  We also offer ongoing advice you on the latest trends and product innovations coming out of the UK and Europe. This can help shape your procurement decision making and find new business growth opportunities.

What are the benefits of working with Bolst Global?

For those suppliers/brands we present to you that you decide you want to work with but who aren’t as experienced selling overseas then you no longer need to worry. Through our support, we can also take care of any additional labelling, necessary export/registration documentation and, if required, transportation of the goods to your destinated sea or airport

This means no more countless hours looking for those elusive new products or frustratingly liaising with manufacturers who don’t understand your market specific needs or way of conducting business!

We will undertake the liaison with the supplier(s) on your behalf and can even arrange for the products to be consolidated, market ready and shipped to your country as per your requirements.

  • One trusted contact for sourcing multiple products/manufacturers

  • Innovation: Keep you informed of the latest health and wellness trends and new products

  • Simple: Working with you over time we are familiar with your ways of working & needs

  • Reliable: Provide outreach for you to our existing reputable network of suppliers

  • Fast: Liaise with UK & European brands and suppliers on your behalf

  • Easy: Can support you with labelling, documentation and logistics

Let us help and support you

Different cultures and markets have different expectations when developing business relationships. Our team are on the ground in several territories and/or have spent significant time out in market in many regions over the years to ensure we have the knowledge and understanding to successfully manage international trade deals.

The health and wellness sector is our passion, please take a look at our portfolio section for market insights and the current health and wellness trends from around the world.

If you would like access to our latest UK trends report that is freely available to our Retailer and Distributor network, please get in touch with our team for your online access code.

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