Consolidation and shipping support

As a retailer or distributor who is expanding your product offering into healthier food and drink items then reaching a critical mass of volume may be challenging to reach from the very first purchase order.  You are convinced of the opportunity with these kind of items in your assortment for your customers and that the demand will grow in time but you need assistance in initially bringing these products into your market on a small scale.

Trialling small scale product consignments

At Bolst Global we have the ability to consolidate your trial/small scale orders and get them importation ready with the correct labelling and documentation.

In addition, we can also transport these smaller sized consignments over to you in market, arriving at your requested sea or air port.

How does it work?

  • We work with you to either select a range of suitable healthy food and drink items from our existing database or source specific brands/products you require too.

  • If desired, we can also advise on the trail blazing new hot European products or trends to guide you in your procurement decision making selection.

  • Once we know which products you are wishing to buy for your customers then we work with you to ensure they are compliant for your market (labelling, documentation etc) and then consolidate the order to transport it over to you as one easy to manage consignment.


This service is suitable for international retailers, distributors or agents in need of a low risk consolidation mechanism to bring in small quantities of various healthy products that you wish to sell in your market.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you please fill in the contact form.

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